I want to show you the different emotions

I want to run to the sounds and motions

– Jimi Hendrix ‘Have You Ever Been to Electric Ladyland?’

Welcome to Electric Flavourland, a food, music and culture blog. Here you’ll find tasty recipes, even tastier riff, album and gig reviews and interviews with the movers and shakers of Manchester’s music and foodie scenes.

About me

I love to cook, to experiment with food and to eat out. My other passion is music. I love to devour music of all genres and catch as much live music as I can. You may have also seen me on stages Manchester and further afield with my band Barbarian Hermit.

I’ve long enjoyed writing about music, having written for Altsounds, Beat Magazine, Now Then and Manchester Rocks.

I figured it was time to start a blog of my own where I could combine my love of food, drink and music, and so Electric Flavourland was born. I hope you enjoy.

If you have a request for a recipe you’d like me to post, or your and artist and would like me to review your music or write a feature about your band, please get in touch at electricflavourland@gmail.com

Follow Electric Flavourland on Twitter at @ElectricFlavs

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